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How to download full tumblr blog?

Sometimes we love a tumblr blog or micro-blog so much that we want the whole content from it. Well that’s not good at first but that desperateness is undefinable Here I have found a tool which can be used to download whole Tumblr¬†blog’s images or videos. All you need is …

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Reverse Image Search Tool

tineye reverse image

The Best reverse Image Search Website. Have been searching for this tool a very long time, well, actually it’s not a tool. It’s a website. All you need is the Image. You just need to have the Image link or the Image itself. Suppose I need to download a particular …

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Online Free Video Download

VideoCatcher Screenshot

Online Video Download for free – VideoCatcher   While pondering over the Internet, I have seen many sites providing free online video downloading service. A few days back, I got a website which is just the best fit for me. You can download the videos from more than 20 social …

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