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How to download full tumblr blog?

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Sometimes we love a tumblr blog or micro-blog so much that we want the whole content from it. Well that’s not good at first but that desperateness is undefinable

Here I have found a tool which can be used to download whole Tumblr blog’s images or videos. All you need is the link of that Tumblr’s blog and the tool – the Tumblr blog crawler

Suppose you want to download this blog –> https://domoa.tumblr.com/


Step 1: Download the tool from here

Here is how it looks


Step 2: Enter the link of the blog to be downloaded in the area provided for the same. If you can’t find it, refer the screenshot below

Click on Add Blog button


Step 3: Check out the below screenshot for further steps


And the download starts


You can check the default download folder for the same

And you’re done


Well, there are a lot of settings available in the tool, you can choose accordingly




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